Khan-Uul district 4, Viva city N4 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 17110
Last edit: 2022.12.06


Ariunaa Suri LLC is one of the first fashion entrepreneur companies founded by Mongolian fashion designer Ariunaa Surenjav and established the ARIUNAA SURI brand in 2012.

ARIUNAA SURI is using environmentally friendly materials while applying international fashion standards and is well known by its own unique trends in global fashion market.Mongolia has rich heritage of animal husbandry and nomadic lifestyle. Livestock in Mongolia are raised in wild nature with extreme weather condition, yet having the most fertile pasture and producing high quality and eco-friendly wool and cashmere.

Mystery of “In-Between” – ARIUNAA SURI exists between Eastern and Western world, where the culture, lifestyle and history of artsdiffers, and strives to assimilate these special features through their work. Everyone, who finds his or her own tastes and personalities in our work, the brand is yours.
The inspiration for the designs is rooted in the unique patterns, motifs and elements of Mongolian traditional costume and is imbibed into ARIUNAA SURI’s designs. Every single piece of work is unique and classical, made of luxurious, high quality materials from Mongolian nature, including cashmere, leather, and handcrafted accessories.


Harmony in the nature...

Mongols have been living in nomadic lifestyle during 4 beautiful seasons for many years and they have their unique way of harmonizing their lifestyle and culture ... They also had their unique technology to use commodity raw materials to make their clothing and apparels in the past. They have used vegetable and dairy products in tanning process of leather production.

This time, ARIUNAA SURI is making and introducing incredible revolution in fashion industry using new technology of natural sheepskin and sheep digestive organs and the leather products that are vegetable tanned and naturally dyed.


Name of director: Ariunaa Surenjav
Company address: Khan-Uul district 4, Viva city N4 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 17110
Tel: (976) 77220101