Sod Goyoljin LLC
Sod Goyoljin LLC
Handicraft - Gifts, Souvenirs and Leather products
Ulaanbaatar city, Bayangol District, 1-khoroo, 2-r khoroolol, 68-56 moot
Last edit: 2022.12.07


Solidity and caring about the highest quality of our products are the identification marks of “Sod Goyoljin” Jewelry Company since its beginning back in 2014. Honoring the tradition on the jewelry art allowed us to gain trust of thousands of satisfied clients, who keep returning to us with new orders. The fact that we are able to create any kind of original jewelry items according to clients' individual design, are our pride and joy, and helps us making our clients' wishes come true.

Our “Sod Goyoljin” Company slogan is:

  • Perfection for Design

  • Perfection for Quality

  • And Perfection for Trust


We design handcrafted silver, gold-plated, gold products with the trade mark “GOYOLJIN” brand such as earrings, rings, bangles, necklace, bridal tiaras, belts, bowls and other related items with the highest quality. All our jewelries are finished with unique and interesting natural stone items such as coral, turquoise. Mongolian Gobi agate and other natural precious and semi-precious gemstones, also we use highest quality natural pearls, cubic zircon, crystals.


Name of director: Gantumur Erdenetuya
Company address: Ulaanbaatar city, Bayangol District, 1-khoroo, 2-r khoroolol, 68-56 moot
Tel: (976) 99133668
Facebook Page: Goyoljin